Upon deployment, your website software will be covered under a 30 days software warranty. The warranty provides assurance that the website will meet its functionality specifications. This warranty covers for any bugs (programming errors) reported to DevEdge within the 30 days of deployment. Any bugs reported within this time period will be fixed at no additional charge to the client.

Warranty is limited to the core functionalities and features of the website that have gone through the testing phase. Some of the ad-hoc, micro-improvements made may incur additional charges if they were not a part of initial core functionalities. The warranty may not include any changes to functionalities that were made during the development or deployment phases and were not fully tested for quality assurance due to limitation of allocated resources. Any issue caused due to server limitations or changes is not covered in the warranty. Any bugs related to 3rd party servers, 3rd party database integration, 3rd party software (including open source cms), 3rd party plug-ins are not cover under the warranty.

Our warranty is dependent on our clients adhering strictly to our terms and conditions. It is crucial that only DevEdge team members access the codes to ensure warranty. We expect our clients to honor their payments on time and warranty will not be honoured if any of the payments are over-due.

Our warranty may not be extended for the same project, but don’t worry! We provide excellent options with our twelve or twenty-four-month maintenance and support packages for your website and software needs. We even offer longer packages if desired. You can be confident in knowing that all Maintenance and Support packages purchased at the time of sign-off receive exclusive discounts. We aim to provide the best service possible for our clients, and we are confident that our packages will meet your needs.